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Our mission

Sustainable Play Preschool weaves sustainable and ethical practices into all aspects of children’s learning, wellbeing and educational outcomes while providing our quality, play-based curriculum and plant-based meals for our preschoolers.

Our vision

We envision a world where children grow aware of sustainable practices and animal ethics, advocating for the environmental health of our planet in a responsible and empowered way. Children are the future, and as the global need for sustainable development increases, as does the need to implement sustainability into children’s education.

The importance of good nutrition for kids

Children rely on the right balance of nutrients for healthy growth and development. Sustainable Play Preschool recognises the importance of good nutrition for kids. Reflecting this, we will provide healthy, local, plant-based food, made fresh daily onsite.

Encouraging preschoolers to see and engage with the entire life cycle of their food is informative, healthy and fun! From planting seeds in the garden, helping prepare veggies for lunch to watching the leftovers compost into soil, children can develop new skills, while learning about science and nature from growing their own fresh produce.

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