Information for Families

Dear Families + Caregivers + Parents,

We want to help you make the best choice for your child’s preschool learning experience.

Don’t hesitate to send us a message or call us at 02-4001-0140 with any questions.

  • Joining the waitlist

    Families who are interested, but not yet ready to enrol their child in preschool should join our waitlist. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all the questions, such as which days of the week you would like care, you will be able to update that later. Children on our waitlist receive offers of enrolment when they reach preschool age* *enrolment offers depend on preschool availability and the Australian Government’s ‘Priority of Access’ guidelines, detailed in our Family Handbook.

  • Enroling your child

    We are currently accepting enrolments! We hope to open for preschool in late summer or early autumn 2021. Our official opening day is coming soon from the Department of Education. Once received, we will announce our opening day to the families of all enrollees as well as on our website and social media accounts. Enrol your child today! We register enrolments using our childcare management software, Owna (more detail on Owna in the ‘Parent Communication’ section below).

  • Booking a Preschool Tour

    We encourage all interested families to visit our brand new facility and get a sense of what we’re all about at Sustainable Play Preschool. Tours are given by our Preschool Director, Kirsty Parker, who will show you around our beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, share our philosophy, answer your questions, and give you a sense of daily life at our school. We are located at 40 Nelson Street, Barnsley, NSW 2278. Children are welcome to attend the tour. Book here.

  • Fees + Discounts

    View our fee structure here.

  • Parent Communication

    Along with classic phone calls and email, we partner with Owna, a childcare management software, to keep open lines of communication with families. We ask families to use the “Owna” app to sign your child in and out, set passwords, and register authorised persons for pick up. On the app, we will share news pertaining to Sustainable Play Preschool as a whole or just your child(ren). You’ll be updated on your child’s learning documentation, including photos and videos, and daily records of their wellbeing, such as meals, sleeps, toileting and any incidents.

  • Family Handbook

    View our Family Handbook here.

  • Early Years Framework

    We follow the Early Years Learning Framework, which is a national approach to early childhood education from birth to age 5. The Framework encourages centres to provide opportunities for playful learning and fun while children are being supported in their formation of identity, communication skills, confidence, wellbeing, and community connections. Download the Australian Government Department of Education’s handout on the Framework here.

  • Plant-Based Meals + Snacks

    We are proud to offer dietitian approved, delicious plant-based meals and snacks to our preschoolers. Meals and snacks are included in our daily fee. Our trained chef prepares food onsite in our commercial-grade kitchen. Allergies will be accommodated for and can be updated via our parent communication software, Xplor. We will work with you to accommodate any non-allergy dietary preferences to the best of our ability. Our weekly menu is available on our “Food + Nutrition” page and details about what your child has eaten each day will be added to Owna.

  • Policies and Procedures Booklet

    Review our preschool policies and procedures booklet here.

  • Enquiries

    For any other enquiries, please contact us.

We are offering 6 months of discounted fees for families who enrol before opening day!

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