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A plant-based & sustainable diet for kids, but where do they get their protein?

Real food that's colourful, fun and good for our bodies and the planet It is likely that you have heard...
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Meal Times at Sustainable Play Preschool

Recently at Sustainable Play Preschool, we had the opportunity to learn from Valerie Gent from ‘Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy’ and...
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Why do we include soy in our plant-based menu?

When we first released our menu in January 2021, questions arose around the topic of soy. Isn't soy suspicious? Doesn't...
Lunch at Sustainable Play Preschool: Creamy cauliflower pasta shells with broccoli, peas and baked tofu nuggets
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Why plant-based? Launching our sustainable Autumn + Winter menu

Yes, you read that right.  Our pre-school menu is 100% plant-based, entirely free of animal products, and most importantly highly…


Sustainable Play Workshops

Join us for Sustainable Play Workshops this March!Meet members of our amazing staff for engaging workshops on cooking, gardening, sensory...

A Sustainable Construction

We are getting close to the finish line!  In our last construction blog post we outlined our approach to a…

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Sustainable Preschool Design and Deconstruction

 We’re excited to announce that the construction of Sustainable Play Preschool is well underway! Designing Sustainable Play Preschool This vital…

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Visit Our Stall at Living Smart Festival!

We’re thrilled to announce we will have a Sustainable Play Preschool stall at this year’s Living Smart Festival. Our stall…

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January 2019 News: Site Location

Welcome to Sustainable Play! We wanted to create a space to share what’s been happening behind the scenes and let…