Book a Preschool Tour

We encourage all interested families to visit our centre for a preschool tour.

Tours will be with our Preschool Director, Kirsty Parker who will answer any questions about our philosophy, food and curriculum. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Our address is: 40 Nelson Street, Barnsley NSW 2278

“I loved that there were so many gorgeous and inviting play spaces for kids to play in throughout the entire preschool”

“Your centre is really beautiful and all your staff made us feel so welcomed. We all had a ball, including our young one which was so nice to see.”

“What’s this place called?” – child

“Preschool” – Dad

“Oh yeah, preschool, Dad I love preschool” – child

Sustainable Play Preschool, located in Barnsley, NSW, provides high-quality child care for preschool aged children, 3-6 years, in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area. We are a small day care centre with sustainability at the heart of our mission, teaching children environmentally friendly and regenerative routines as they engage in our play-based, child-directed curriculum. We encourage nature play and connection with gardening and cooking classes (with garden produce) as well as invite them to spend time outdoors in our bush kindy program and large outdoor nature areas at the centre. Meals and snacks are included in our daily fees and follow a nutritious, colorful, dietitian approved plant-based menu.