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Happy Sustainable Education

We’re devoted to providing a better tomorrow for all children.

Sustainable Play Preschool is an early education centre opening in late summer / early autumn of 2021. Our centre will provide delicious plant-based food and encourage playful learning in an environment surrounded by sustainable, conservationist practices.

We’re passionate about early childhood education and sustainability, and want to make a difference in the world. We want to encourage children that they can too. 

We all have a role to play in minimising our environmental footprint.

Sustainable Play Preschool is opening its first centre north of Lake Macquarie in Barnsley, NSW in 2021. Book your centre tour online here.

Sustainable Ideology

Sustainable ideology lives at the heart of our service. We utilise rainwater tanks and rooftop solar panels, maintain a vegetable garden, buy Australian made and recycled products, and support local businesses and farmers where possible.

Play-Based Learning

Our curriculum has a strong focus on fun, play-based learning experiences, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. We take a holistic approach to education and child development. 

Plant-Based Catering

Children rely on the right balance of nutrients for healthy growth and development. Our plant-based meals and snacks are dietician approved and made fresh, daily onsite by our chef. Delicious plant-based food is included in our service fees – one of the perks in choosing our centre!

Water and Energy use

We use water and conserve energy to conserve resources, operate efficiently and save money. With rainwater tanks installed, we reduce our dependence on mains water, use recycled water for our vegetable garden, and teach children about the social and environmental benefits! 

Supporting Local Businesses

We buy Australian-made products where possible to support local businesses and farmers, minimise the distance the products need to travel, and to provide the freshest produce possible!

Bush Kindy

We plan to go on ‘bush kindy’ excursions to local farms, nature centres, national parks and reserves so that our preschoolers can explore areas of the Greater Newcastle community and learn about the world through their experiences in nature.


With a focus on eco-friendly practices, we hope to encourage children to develop an appreciation of the environment.

Qualified and Passionate Educators

All of our trained educators are passionate about working in Early Education and hold a strong interest in sustainability, plant-based nutrition and/or eco-friendly practices.


We want to add value to the community, by hosting workshops and events. We’re passionate about involving the local community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Preschool located?
40 Nelson Street, Barnsley, NSW 2278

What age do you cater for?
3 – 5 year olds

When can I be added to your waitlist?
Now! You can join our waitlist or enrol your child. After waitlisting or enroling, we will have your information, so that we can invite you to book a preschool tour to visit our new facility and meet our Preschool Director. If you join our mailing list at the bottom of the page, that’s another way we can keep you in the loop about news and important dates.

When will the preschool begin operating?
ETA February 2021, however we are open for tours this January 2021. Book at preschool tour with us here.

What will be your hours of operation?
Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-6:00PM (Closed only on public holidays)

Are meals and snacks included in your fees?
Yes, enjoy! See more on our Food + Nutrition page.

Read more Frequently Asked Questions here, or contact us.

Join The Team

Interested in Working With Us?

Are you passionate about early childhood education and sustainability? Get in touch to find out more about job opportunities in our new centre.
Kirsty Parker
Kirsty Parker
Preschool Director

An advocate for children’s education and sustainable living, Kirsty has worked in Early Childhood Education since 2009, with 6 of these years as an Educational Leader.

Kirsty believes that every child has the right to access a quality education where they feel safe, secure and supported to learn and develop. She supports play-based learning and believes that positive learning experiences in the early years sets up the foundation for a life-long love of learning.

As the Preschool Director, Kirsty believes in leading by example and treating others with respect, encouraging educators to work to their strengths and support them in developing their capabilities with mentoring and guidance.

At home, Kirsty and her family enjoy growing and harvesting produce from their own gardens, spending time outdoors with their dogs, and being active. Their house is equipped with solar power, rainwater tanks and a large worm farm to recycle food scraps and feed their gardens.

Kirsty couldn’t pass the opportunity she saw in working for Sustainable Play Preschool, creating a better future for all by educating the next generation of future leaders.

Llewellyn Jones
Llewellyn Jones
Company Director

Llewellyn started his career in the construction industry, passionate about sustainability but discouraged by the waste and practices he observed.  Working in the industry exposed him to how significantly all systems needed to improve to keep a healthy planet.

Inspired to contribute beyond the construction industry, Llewellyn gravitated toward early education and began working as a trainee educator. This affirmed his belief that early education is of the utmost importance to the development of children and a perfect environment to strengthen sustainable and ethical values in children and the community.

Knowing he could not bring together his vision for Sustainable Play Preschool alone, in 2017 Llewy began putting together a team of passionate people with diverse professional experience and industry backgrounds.

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